A police report can be a helpful tool in a personal injury case.

Should I File A Police Report After An Accident?

Every state has different laws concerning when the police should be called after an accident.   If there were no injuries to anyone involved and no significant property damage (i.e., both cars are drivable), you will probably not be required to report the crash to the police.  However, there are some situations where even if reporting is not required, it may be advisable to call the police regardless.

This is particularly true whenever there is any injury, particularly a serious injury, or in cases where you and the other driver have a dispute about what happened in the accident.  Calling the police in this situation — even if not required by law — can help to protect you and ensure your right to compensation for your losses.

A police report is helpful because it documents the scene of the accident.  Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable, particularly when it involves the person who was involved in the accident itself.  Even if you are not seriously hurt in a car accident, you may be unable to recall the specific details of the incident, especially if you are required to remember it several weeks, months, or even years down the road.  A police report can help guard against memory lapses such as these, and provide a solid recording of exactly what happened.  It will detail the scene of the accident and weather conditions, and may list other facts, such as the names of witnesses and other potentially important details.  Having a police report can also prevent the other side from changing his or her story after the fact.

Police reports can be vitally important in proving fault in car accident cases, which can then determine who is eligible to recover compensation for damages and injuries.  Your attorney can use the police report to help establish the facts of your case and the basis for liability.  Using the police report, witness statements, and other evidence, your attorney can make a case for an award for medical injuries, property damage, pain and suffering, missed wages, and more.

While a police report is not required or even recommended in every case, it may be advisable to call the police to make sure that the facts of the accident are memorialized by a neutral third party.  A police report can be an important tool to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. 

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