A woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011 after decades of using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products was awarded $55 million from a St. Louis Jury, the second such verdict this year.

Johnson & Johnson Loses Second Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Manufacturers are required to ensure their products are safe before consumers buy and use them. If businesses become aware of defects or safety risks with their products, they should issue recalls. Johnson & Johnson has not followed this guideline. The company knew of studies that showed a link between their talcum powder products and an increased risk of ovarian cancer, yet did nothing.

A woman who used Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products for over 35 years was awarded $55 million from a St. Louis Jury. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011. This is the second verdict this year that has cost Johnson and Johnson millions of dollars. Lawyers representing Gloria Ristesund argued that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the dangers associated with extended use of talc products, but failed to warn its customers. After a three-week trial, the plaintiff was awarded $5 million for compensatory damages and $50 million for punitive damages.

Johnson & Johnson continues to maintain that talc use is safe, even though talc has been discovered in ovarian cancer tumors. At trial, internal documents from Johnson & Johnson were again presented showing that the company was aware of a link between extended talc use and ovarian cancer. Juries have sided with the plaintiffs in both cases that have been tried in court. Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal the verdict.

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