Learn about the types of burn injuries that may occur in a car accident.

 Car Accident Burn Injuries

Typical car accident injuries include bruising, lacerations, contusions, internal injuries, head injuries, and broken bones. However, burn injuries are also possible under the right—or wrong—set of circumstances.

Types of Burn Injuries in Car Accidents

Burn injuries generally fall into three categories:

  1. Electrical Burns -These types of burns may happen if electricity passes through your or your loved one’s body. Motor vehicles contain an elaborate electrical system, and there are many opportunities for an electrical burn to occur in a car accident. In addition, if power lines or other electrical equipment are damaged in the accident, electrical burn injuries may occur.
  2. Heat Burns– These are the most common types of burns that happen in car accidents. These types of burns could happen if there is an open flame from gas that has caught on fire, if there is heat escaping from the radiator, or if you or your loved one comes in contact with any type of hot surface, steam, or liquid.
  3. Chemical Burns– Chemical burns may occur in accidents involving a truck carrying a hazardous substance. Another possible cause of chemical burns in a car accident could be household cleaners, or other products that are in the car and may spill in the event of an accident.

Classifications of Burns

Burns are classified into 4 distinct degrees. How the burn is medically treated, how much pain and suffering the burn victim may have, and whether there will be permanent scarring all depends on what degree of burn was suffered in the car accident.

  1. First Degree Burns: These types of burns only include the outer layer of skin. They typically heal in 3-5 days although some redness and pain may be experienced. The skin may also feel dry.
  2. Second Degree Burns: These types of burns involve the outer and inner layers of skin. They can be pink, red, or even white and can be dry or wet. Blisters may appear and they can be quite painful. They typically can take several weeks to heal and in some cases skin grafts may be necessary.
  3. Third Degree Burns: In third degree burns, all the layers of the skin are injured. They may be black or white and feel dry and leathery. It’s possible you may not feel pain with a third degree burn because all sensation is gone. They can take months or longer to heal and they often require skin grafts. There is normally permanent scarring.
  4. Fourth Degree Burns: Fourth degree burns have all the symptoms of a third degree burn but are more severe. Fourth degree burns can involve your muscles, nerves, and bones. Scarring is a given.

If you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries as a result of a car accident, you should seek out the advice of a qualified personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident burns to make sure you or your loved one gets all the monetary compensation they deserve.

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