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    Our skilled Southern California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers can assist you in obtaining the maximum compensation and recovery for your injuries, guiding you through the complex maze of administrative procedures in California’s workers’ compensation system. Our knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation lawyers understand the medical reports, procedures, and information required to build a strong work compensation case in California.

    Injured On The Job & Not Receiving The Proper Help?

    Often times, injured workers feel helpless after being injured on the job. Many workers face the following frustrations immediately after their injury:

    Not Receiving Proper Medical Attention: Most of the time, clinic doctors simply send injured workers back to work, informing them that there is no real injury, and ignoring thecomplaints of the injured worker. Youractual injury never gets addressed or treated.

    Adjuster Giving You The Run Around: Toooften, injured workers are led to believethat the adjuster/insurance company is here to help them recover from their injury. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Typically, injured workers will face significantproblems in reaching the insurance company. The majority of the time, you’llonly get an endless phone tree, only to end up having to leave a voicemail that willnever be returned. Insurance companies will take advantage of your unfamiliaritywith the Workers’ Compensation system, and simply hope you drop your claim alltogether. Don’t fall for their tricks. You have rights and need someone to fight foryou.

    You Can’t Work And The Insurance Company Is NotPaying You: Under California law, aninjured worker who cannot perform their job, is entitled to receive monetary benefits forlost wages while he/she recovers. However, workers are frequently deniedthese benefits with no legal basis to doso. From denying your case, sending youto fraudulent physicians, to simplyrefusing to issue payments, injuredworkers struggle to obtain justcompensation. When facing these hard obstacles, it’s almost impossible for someone who is unfamiliar with workers’ compensation lawto undertake the proper action in Court todemand their compensation. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage ofyou! Fight back and demand what you’reentitled to.

    Workers’ Compensation Is Complicated—Let Us Be Your Guide

    Securing the benefits you need and deserve from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is never a simple matter. There is plenty of red tape involved that could easily trip you up and result in the unfair denial of your claim—unless you have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

    You need aggressive representation to fight the insurance company and the insurance company’s attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. We will guide you through all the steps required to advance your claim, including:

    • Responding to denials of medical treatment.
    • Making sure you see an independent, neutral doctor for an evaluation.
    • Filing all necessary workers’ compensation claim paperwork for you.

    Why Choose Us as Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    Simple: we get results! The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker works together with the highly distinguished firm of Perona, Langer, Beck, and Harrison to handle workers’ compensation claims large and small. Our alliance has produced excellent results for countless clients and we are confident we can help secure maximum compensation for you too.

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    To learn more about hiring us as your workers’ compensation attorney, please call 866-536-5788 now and request afree consultation. Remember, we accept clients on a contingency fee basis, so there is never any money due up front for our services. You only pay if we win your case.

    Workers’ compensation Is complicated, let us be your guide. You need aggressive representation to fight the insurance company and the insurance company’s attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. We will guide you through all the steps required to advance your claim.

    Workers’ Compensation

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