A biker gets seriously hurt in what may have been an intentional collision.

University Administrator Changed in Bike Accident

Bicycling is a popular sport and hobby for many Americans, and there is little wonder why. It’s easy to do, has low impact on joints, and can be done almost anywhere there is a paved or unpaved surface (if you are feeling adventurous). Yet a rising number of bike accidents makes some cyclists worry that biking is no longer a safe sport that they can participate in without fear.

That may be the case for a Tennessee bicyclist who was struck and seriously injured recently in a national park. Cyclist Tyler Noe was biking with friend Greg Goodman along the Natchez Trace Parkway. In Tennessee, bicyclists can use the full lane of traffic to ride in whenever necessary. Under federal regulations, bicyclists must also ride single file. Noe and Goodman were riding single file along the road, which is a designated bike route administered by the National Park Service. Because it is a designated bike route, Noe and Goodman were permitted to ride in the traffic lane. However, this did not stop a Volvo SUV from smashing into the back of Noe’s bicycle, sending him to the ground. The driver sped away from the accident without stopping. Goodman was wearing a helmet camera at the time of the accident, which captured the license plate of the driver — Marshall Neely, Dean of Students at the University School of Nashville. Neely later claimed he did not know he hit Noe. Neely has been charged with multiple crimes, including felony reckless endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to immediately notify police of an accident, and failure to render aid. He may also be charged with other crimes.

In this case, it was likely Goodman’s video of the incident that led to the driver being apprehended. But in many situations, drivers who hit bicyclists and leave the scene of the accident — hit and run drivers — are never found. That leaves injured victims in the position of suffering serious injuries and being unsure of how they will recover for their losses. A skilled bike accident lawyer may be able to pursue a number of avenues for recovery in these situations by investigating the matter fully.

While not every accident can be prevented, particularly if a driver is acting maliciously, bicyclists can take action to help avoid collisions with cars. Cyclists are encouraged to move to the right to allow vehicles to pass, to wear high visibility clothes, and to always use front and rear lights that flash. Improving your visibility to vehicles reduces the risk that you will be hit simply because a car, truck, or SUV did not spot you.

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