Depending on your age, the risk of accidental death varies significantly.

The Top Fatality Risks By Age Group

Across the United States, deaths from unavoidable causes happen every day. Many of these losses are due to disease and illness, such as heart disease, cancer, and other types of sickness. Yet many other fatalities are caused by entirely preventable accidents.

At the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, our team of personal injury lawyers are dedicated to fighting for people who have been injured in all types of accidents, including motorcycle crashes, car accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, bus accidents, and by dangerous or defective products. We also represent the families of people who have died due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or organization. We believe that by understanding the risks you face, you can help you avoid them and stay safe. Read on to learn what type of accidents you and your loved ones are most at risk for at each stage of your lives.

For adults over age 65, falls present the highest risk of death. Approximately 70 elderly adults die every day due to injuries sustained from falls. While you cannot prevent falls caused by the negligence of other people — such as damaged or crumbling sidewalks or missing handrails — you can help protect elderly loved ones. Start by installing some basic items around their home, such as non-skid mats and grab bars in the bathroom. Make sure that they have clear, unobstructed paths around the house, and that their walkways in and out of the house are clear of debris.

For adults aged 25 to 64, the highest risk of death is due to poisoning. The primary cause of this type of accident is due to prescription pain medication overdoses, including opioid medication. Dangerous prescription drugs have become a substantial problem across the United States, and can cause problems even when taken as prescribed. To lower your risk of poisoning, avoid taking narcotic drugs except when absolutely necessary, keep your medication in a secure place, and never share your prescription drugs with anyone else.

For children and youth between the ages of 1 and 24 years old, the primary cause of death is car accidents. Almost 21 young Americans die every day due to car crashes, which is a shocking fact that should encourage parents to review road safety with their children. While you cannot control the actions of other people on the road, you can remind your own kids to be safe drivers. This includes driving without distractions such as cell phones, always wearing seat belts, never drinking and driving, and always driving the speed limit. Taking these steps may not eliminate the risk of serious or fatal car accidents, but it can significantly reduce the chances of your child being responsible for a collision — or the severity of a crash should one occur.

For infants under one year old, mechanical suffocation is a leading cause of death, claiming the life of two babies every day. The primary way to avoid this accidental cause of death is to keep your child’s crib free of blankets, stuffed animals, crib bumpers and other items that could cause them to suffocate. You should also place your baby on his or her back to sleep to reduce the risk of accidental suffocation.

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