While motorcycle accidents can happen in any number of ways, these three types are most common.

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Undoubtedly, motorcycles are fun to ride. But because of their small size and lack of protection compared to other vehicles, an accident involving a motorcycle has the potential to be far more serious than other types of collisions.  Knowing the most common types of motorcycle accidents can help you avoid them — and the grave injuries that often result from these types of accidents.  

Intersection Accidents

Most drivers are not as aware as they should be of the presence of motorcycles on the road.  This is particularly true at intersections, where other drivers may not be looking out for motorcycles when making a turn.  Intersection accidents are a common type of motorcycle accident.  If drivers are not cautious when it comes to motorcyclists, then the motorcycle riders must be.  Even if the driver of the car or the truck does not have right of way and would be at fault in an accident, because of the high risk for extremely serious injury for the rider — including broken bones, paralysis or even death — it only makes sense for motorcyclists to be particularly cautious at intersections.

Changing Road Conditions

With only two wheels, motorcycles are often less adept at handling changing road conditions—including loose gravel, wet roads, or a sudden unseen turn in the road. If a motorcyclist is driving too fast, it may be difficult to negotiate a sharp turn or handle tricky surfaces like a wet road surface.  Loose gravel can cause a motorcycle to skid, leading to an accident.  While these conditions can be dangerous for cars and trucks, too, their additional safety features and more stable constructions usually makes it easier for them to handle variable road conditions. Motorcyclists should be careful when driving in difficult weather conditions, and always go at a safe speed so to safely handle sharp turns and unexpected obstacles in the road.

Collisions With Other Vehicles

As noted above, other drivers often fail to pay proper attention to motorcycles on the road.  A driver may switch lanes suddenly, slow down unexpectedly or make a turn without signaling.  They may be careful to note other vehicles on the road — but not pay full attention to motorcycles.  Their failure to do this could result in a very bad accident, with the rider taking the brunt of the collision due to the size of the respective vehicles. That is why it is so critical for motorcyclists to be careful, and try to anticipate what other drivers on the road will do.  When trying to pass a vehicle, make sure to do so with extreme caution, making sure that there is not another car that could hit your motorcycle when you move into the other lane.  Watch vehicles both in front of and behind you, being alert for any sudden slow downs or attempts to speed up.  Because you will bear the brunt of the injuries in an accident between a car and a motorcycle, it pays to be extra smart about road safety.

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