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Struck-By, Caught-In, and Caught-Between Construction Accidents

Construction is a high-risk occupation, with workers facing many hazards on the job site each day. While the most common cause of construction fatalities is falls from elevation, there are many other ways to get hurt or killed on a construction site.

Struck-By Accidents

In a struck-by accident, a worker gets hit by an object that may be flying, swinging, rolling, or falling. Depending on the size and nature of the object, as well as the speed it is traveling when it hits the construction worker, a struck-by accident can range from a minor bump to a life-threatening or fatal incident. Common examples of struck-by accidents include:

  • Dropped tools
  • Falling lumber, pipes, or scaffolding
  • Flying nuts and bolts
  • Falling suspended loads
  • Broken high-pressure lines and hoses
  • Accidents with vehicles or heavy equipment

Caught-In and Caught-Between Accidents

Caught-in and caught-between accidents are similar to struck-by accidents, except that the object that hits the worker doesn’t bounce or roll off. Instead, it stays on the worker, pinning them in place. This can cause serious crushing injuries, dismemberment, or fatalities. Another type of caught-in accident involves workers getting caught in the moving parts of machinery or equipment. Again, this can cause severe, potentially disabling injuries or death.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Many struck-by, caught-in, and caught-between accidents happen because someone failed to adhere to relevant safety protocols. This might be an employer who neglected to provide proper safety gear and training, or an employee that cut corners.

For the purposes of securing compensation, it may not matter why exactly your construction site accident happened. Injured construction workers can file workers’ compensation claims without needing to prove liability for their accidents. However, if you were injured at a construction site as a bystander, or if you were a worker injured by a third party such as a contractor or equipment manufacturer, liability will need to be proven so that you can file a personal injury claim.

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