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Scholarship 2019 Winners

Scholarship 2019 Winners

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Scholarship 2019 Winners

Submissions for the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship program have ended. This year we awarded 30 students!

Check back for details on the 2020 Community Scholarship at the end of this year.


If I win this scholarship, I will use it and other scholarships I am applying for to aid me with my college tuition in order to keep my student debt at a minimum. Obtaining my degree in Health Sciences will be less of a burden, and I can efficiently focus on my goal in protecting the health of entire populations and assuring an equal opportunity to good health for everyone.

- Mohamad Lorenzano

I live in East Los Angeles; therefore, I am a low-income student. Winning this scholarship would mean a lot. It would mean taking a load off me and my parent's back. I would use the money for books and supplies that I would need for room and board. Essentially, the money would be used to have a successful college career.

- Thais Andrea Morales

Growing up in a strictly middle-class family, my father always told me how we wouldn’t be able to get much financial aid for college purposes, and we wouldn’t be able to afford the full amount of tuition. This was drilled into me at a young age, and considering the fact that I had an older brother who would also require support from my parents at the same time I would be attending college, this made me feel as if I alone would have to shoulder the entire cost of tuition. My solution to this dilemma was to apply for all the scholarships that I had come across, and to only apply to in-state universities in an attempt to reduce the cost of tuition. “But why care about the tuition in the first place if you are going to make obscene amounts of money as a doctor in the first place?”. The main reason for burnout in college students is a sense of immense anxiety regarding their debt in college. By reducing this debt, I will have less to worry about, and thus, will be able to more easily graduate college without any problems.

- Raymond Ng

Raymond Ng
Kimberle Sotelo

Growing up in a single parent household has had its shares of ups and downs in terms of academics. While growing up with just my mom and my sister, I became afraid to ask for things that I didn’t necessarily need, like a laptop or expensive graphing calculator. I always kept the mindset of “don’t ask for too much, only for what you really need.” On the surface, with this scholarship, I will be able to alleviate some of the financial burden on my mom for books and other school supplies, however in addition, I personally feel that I will be more free to pursue and take classes of my interest without fear of price. I will feel freer to create those new inventions and uncover those unknown discoveries without thinking as much about the price tag it takes to actually achieve those breakthroughs. Although $1,000 won’t fully alleviate the financial stresses of college, I believe it will alleviate the heavy price tag of books and supplies while also allowing me to have confidence in taking those first steps towards achieving a higher education.

- Kimberle Sotelo

I'm passionate about traveling and interested in other cultures. Being a cancer survivor has instilled in me how important inclusion and accessibility is for those living with disabilities. To learn about how other parts of the world stand up to that criteria, my hope is to study abroad. I cannot pursue this opportunity without help from scholarships.

- Anna Lubinsky

Elizabeth Matos

I live in a lower- m class household with 79-year-old Papá, which has created financial issues for my family as I embark on this college adventure. While we are not poor enough to qualify for large sums of financial aid from the colleges to which I have applied, we are also not nearly wealthy enough to be able to pay for all of my college expenses ourselves. Currently, I am applying for several scholarships, hoping to lessen the monetary burden imposed upon me as my brothers (ages 18 and 19) and I continue our educations. I plan to find a part time job as well. These, combined with the Larry H. Parker Scholarship, will hopefully allow me to pay for my college experience without drowning in enormous debt.

- Elizabeth Matos

Originally my family told me if I get my tuition paid for, they would help with books and other supplies. I did exactly what I needed to, but my grandparents can no longer help me. We experienced a fire and everything in our backyard was destroyed. Any extra money we have is now going to repairs and replacing items we lost. This scholarship will help me pay for the things my family was supposed to pay for. Books are extremely expensive, but I don´t want to struggle over one aspect. My family couldn´t control the fire, but I can control the resources exhausted to make up that gap.

- Hailey Schneider

Safiya Kher

By winning this scholarship, it would help me to further pursue my education as the award would provide a source of financial stability.

- Safiya Kher

My goal is to graduate from college as a mechanical engineer, then pursue a higher degree and a career in robotics engineering. I am a student in the School for Advanced Studies at North Hollywood Senior High, where over the years I chose rigorous academic programs and took AP and honors classes in every subject that my school offered. I was inspired to focus on STEM after receiving the High Honors Award in Math from Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth. This year, my hard work finally paid off when two of my top choice universities offered me a spot in their prestigious programs.

To afford my first year of majoring in either mechanical engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or robotics engineering at UC Santa Cruz, I will have to borrow a cost prohibiting sum of $12,000 to $15,000 after their financial aid offer. Unfortunately, my parents who came to the U.S. as immigrants, are unable to contribute in a meaningful way to my higher education because ten years ago they invested their life’s savings, and the proceeds from the sale of their condo, in what turned out to be a fraudulent scheme. Though the perpetrators of that scheme ended up receiving long-term prison sentences, my parents lost their entire investment. It was a devastating blow from which they have not yet recovered. Both are self-employed, and their income fluctuates quite a bit. They constantly struggle to make ends meet and pay back a large debt. Over the last decade, we worked hard to get back on our feet, but my parents still don’t own the home we live in or have any savings to speak of. As a first generation American, I can’t rely on family abroad to support me. If I win the Larry H. Parker Scholarship, it would help me make my dream of going to college a reality.

- Ofer Barr

If I win this scholarship, it will help me pay for my college tuition. My family's income is too high for me to be eligible for financial aid but is too low for us to be able to pay for college easily. Being awarded this scholarship will help my parents and me to be able to afford for me to go to a good college.

- Emilee Estoya

Jayda Jamison

If I were to win this scholarship, I believe that it will provide me with the necessary foundation I need to help create the building blocks that lead to my future success. There are hardly any African American women in the anesthesiology field, so this scholarship will give me the opportunity to make a difference and achieve a dream / goal that others deemed unobtainable. This will also help with the overbearing expenses of college as a whole, benefitting my current financial situation and assisting my parents to successfully help fund my education.

- Jayda Jamison

It would help me pay my supplies and it would also help me move toward my career by paying for college.

- Christian David Campos

Christian David Campos
Salvador Montoya

This scholarship will help decrease the financial burden of attending college on my family. As a low-income first-generation student this scholarship would mean the world to me. It will give me the opportunity to live out my dream in seeking a higher education and do something my ancestors could only dream of doing.

- Salvador Montoya

If I win this scholarship, it will relieve the financial burden placed on me and my family by attending a four-year university. Having this scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies more so than being stressed about how I will pay for my education.

- Lance D'Antignac

Lance D'Antignac
Mirah Mirzazadeh

Throughout high school I've found the best way to enact positive change is through adopting others' perspectives. By looking at both the psychological and sociological characteristics of individuals and their situation, we obtain compassion and empathy. While volunteering, matching shelter animals with potential families, I found my calling. The connections I made with these helpless animals reminded me of my love for children. I aim to be a social worker for an adoption’s agency, working to find children loving homes. I'm most eager to match children with families that aren't just loving but also the perfect fit for them. While studying at the number one undergraduate social work program in the United States at UC Berkeley, I know I will be expanding my abilities and knowledge in these subject areas, equipping me for my future aspirations and helping others along the way. As a low-income student who current works three jobs, receiving LHP’s scholarship, I would be able to ensure I can afford this education and will ensure I may to pursue these endeavors to their fullest and excel in my studies.

- Mirah Mirzazadeh

Life in an Instant
This year I will be the first in my family to earn a high school diploma and attend a four-year university. During the past few years, I have faced educational and financial barriers, but that has not prevented me from earning a 4.50 GPA and from being at the top 2% of my class.

At a young age, I was diagnosed as overweight. Due to the lack of programs and resources available to low-income families, my parents did not know about the importance of our health. At age fifteen, I was diagnosed as prediabetic. At the time I was experiencing blurry vision, a weak immune system, and fatigue, common symptoms of type 2 diabetes. I knew I had to act immediately, but a dietician or a nutritionist was out of my parent’s financial reach. Therefore, independently I began exercising daily and consuming a healthy and well-rounded diet. Overall, I lost over thirty pounds in four months and became free of risk from developing type 2 diabetes. If this devastating experience has taught me anything, it is this: things happen for a reason! Today I am, much healthier, I have learned how to cook, manage my time, communicate, and make safe and healthy choices. Learning of the great dangers of type 2 diabetes and discovering that diabetes is a common illness in my family has encouraged me to spread my experience and knowledge with my community. Overall, these new observations have help shape the young woman that I am today!

Throughout my journey, it was difficult to balance my schoolwork and health, which affected my academic performance. However, I was able to overcome these barriers by taking advantage of programs and courses available to me. My determination to succeed and to go to college gained me acceptance to the exclusive AVID program at my school. AVID provided me access to tutors, computers, textbooks, and other resources, which allowed me to excel academically once again. Additionally, as a first-generation college student, AVID has been very influential in educating me about the importance of scholarships, financial aid, careers, and has encouraged me to pursue a higher level of education. High school was a major challenge, but today I am prepared to enroll and succeed in a college-level education.

Many students feel restricted because of the city’s high rates of poverty, but I have taken advantage of the opportunities available to me because I am determined to succeed in life. I am committed to provide a better future for my community with resources that will make a major impact in their life and prevent financial problems from limiting one’s medical resources. In college, I intend to spread my message among college students whose health is vital for their success. My goals are to major in biochemistry to further develop my knowledge of medicine and become a pharmacist, create awareness for chronic illnesses, and encourage the community to live a healthier and happier life.

- Leslie Estrada

If I were to win this scholarship it will help pay for my tuition since I did not qualify for any financial assistance through FAFSA. Obtaining this scholarship will help me pursue a career in criminal justice.

- Ricardo Vizcarra

Ricardo Vizcarra
Jeanette Galvan

It will help me pay for the rest of my tuition, future tuition, any books, school supplies, and transportation fees that I need to pay on my own.

- Jeanette Galvan

Winning this scholarship will help me in grand ways as I pursue a college education. After comparing the University of California, Los Angeles’s tuition and fees to my family’s limited income and my plans to work in college, I see that we need help paying for the dorm for my freshman year. I have chosen the least expensive option and will be rooming with three other students to save money. However, the cost of the dorm is still around $4,186 per quarter! Your scholarship will ease me of my financial strain and enable me to sleep peacefully and securely for nearly nine months on UCLA’s campus.

- Mishell Molina

Mishell Molina
Noor Mohammed

This scholarship will serve as an investment towards my future and a steppingstone in bigger and better accomplishments which compliment my ambitions to provide relief and guidance to the indigent in my progressive capacities - whether from the lens of a prospective college student or merely a patriotic citizen. Just as I am graduating Summa Cum Laude from El Modena High School which encourages me to strive, this scholarship will truly enable me to thrive by providing financial support towards a well-rounded undergraduate education in the Business Administration realm, (most likely will double major) with the intent to pursue law.

- Noor Mohammed

This scholarship will aid me in lowering the cost of tuition and maximize my time spent on my education and internships. Not only will this help with the financial burden of attending a university, it will be investing in my future.

- Josue Canizales

Josue Canizales
Jose Mercado

Beyond being a monetary aid to help pay the yearly debt I will amass from school; this scholarship will serve as a motivation for me to succeed. I am aware that if I am to receive a scholarship, another applicant is to be rejected. With this in mind, I do not wish to waste an opportunity which could have just as easily gone to another person who may or may not have made better use of it. Thus, this scholarship, should I receive it, will further push me to succeed in my studies. Furthermore, the less I owe for my education, the sooner I can begin using my money to aid others. I wish to, in time, start up a program to aid students who wish to pursue a career in the science, technology, engineering, or legal professions, through possible internships (with organizations and individuals willing to participate) and through my own scholarship. The less money I must set aside to repay my debts, the more and sooner I am able to bring this goal into fruition. Finally, I have observed university students with large amounts of debt become distracted due to said debt and eventually face adverse effects, both academically and physically due to it. This scholarship will decrease my debt and help me prevent similar events developing for myself. This in turn will allow me to be more focused and successful in my studies.

- Jose Mercado

Although my parents have saved some money for my college education, I look to scholarships to minimize my future student loan debt. I will need to make contributions to paying for my college education to graduate from UCLA debt-free. This scholarship would go a long way in helping me and my family pay for my college education. I hope to receive this scholarship, so my family can also put more money towards paying for my younger sister's college education (which she will begin in 4 years).

- Morgan Kopecky

Zakaria Doueiri

With the cost of college education rising every year, students are often worried about how they will receive the money needed to complete higher education. For me, I have taken many steps to work towards saving for my education.

Coming from a middle-income family, people in my school often think that I am entitled to my parents funding my education, but this far from true. As soon as I turned 16 (the legal age to obtain a work permit), I immediately started working at Baker’s Drive-Thru. It has been two years since I started working at this fast food restaurant, and I would not trade the experience that I have had at my work for the world. Working has taught me the importance of time management, responsibility, commitment, as well as collaboration with others. It has shown me that I am not above mopping the floors or cleaning the restrooms and taking out the trash regularly.

With this, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship would make it easier for my family and I to take care of the expenses of college. In helping fund my high education, this scholarship would allow me to achieve my dream of getting into medical school and becoming a doctor. After becoming a doctor, I plan to open several clinics, to offer free and reduced healthcare costs for those who are less fortunate. Additionally, in being awarded this scholarship, I would be better prepared to do research in the field of Neuroscience.

- Zakaria Doueiri

If I were to win this scholarship, it will help me out immensely. No doubt about it. As stated, I will be attending Loyola Marymount University. The annual tuition is 50k per year. However, 30k is supposed to come out of my own pocket. And my family does not have that sort of money, so I am stuck in this huge dilemma. The solution to this dilemma is taking out loans which will lead me into student debt. These $1,000 dollars would be a mass contribution to my tuition. Once received, I will submit it into my college deposit and save it. (As I am trying to save up as much money I can to pay off this extortionate tuition). By winning this scholarship, it would save my family and I the time and worry to come up for the extra one thousand dollars that will be needed. Not only will it alleviate me from some financial burden, but it will also be a contribution to continue excelling and realizing my fullest potential in my education. As I plan to become a lawyer after LMU, I am trying to get out of debt as much as I can.

- Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie Martinez

Additional Recipients of the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship

  • Jonathan Brandon Cardenas
  • Jalen Hakim Johnson
  • Malya Parker
  • Xochilt Guadalupe Calzada Hernandez
  • Shayzari Zenobia Kent

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