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Scholarship 2017 Winners

Scholarship 2017 Winners

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Scholarship 2017 Winners

Submissions for the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship program have ended. This year we awarded 25 students!

Check back for details on the 2018 Community Scholarship at the end of this year.


My name is Melissa Ruiz and I am entering my freshman year as an Animal Science major at UC Davis! Though my school year won’t be starting for another two weeks, preparing for move-in day has been quite a nerve-wracking adventure so far: I am having a difficult time acclimating to the fact that I will not be close to my family and that I will be on my own for the first time in my life. (Please don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to see where this journey will take me!) However, it can be a little bit stressful at times, especially when it comes down to figuring out how we’re going to pay for it all.

However, I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the Larry H. Parker scholarship for making this whole situation a little bit less daunting. Unfortunately, I do not have a full-ride to UC Davis, which means that my family has the responsibility to pay a certain amount in order for me to follow my dreams. However, thanks to this scholarship, I was able to pay off some of this tuition money, which in turn lifted a huge burden off our shoulders. I am eternally thankful for the Larry H. Parker scholarship, not only because it helped me immensely with regards to financial matters, but because the simple fact that I was chosen for this scholarship is a reminder to me that there are people who believe in me and my ability to succeed. As Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and thanks to Larry H. Parker, I am now taking my first step towards becoming a veterinarian.

- Melissa Ruiz

Melissa Ruiz
Jaycee Jacobson

I am excited to start my classes at Cal Poly on September 15th. My major will be biology with an emphasis on anatomy and physiology. My goal is to practice medicine as a pediatric physician assistant. The Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship helped me pay for tuition and books. Thank you for all of your support!

- Jaycee Jacobson

The Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship has helped me to continue my dream towards my education. I am first generation Hispanic college student at CSULA majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I came from Mexico 5 years ago without knowing English was a difficult situation for me because I thought it would be difficult for me to attend college on track. But I did my best in high school and I could make the impossible possible. Receiving this award, made me realized that the sacrifice that my parents made for me and my siblings by coming to the U.S. and leaving all their hard work in Mexico was worth it. Now that I am in college, I will do my best every single day in order to pursue my career and to keep making my parents proud of me. With the generous award from Larry H. Parker, I can invest in my college education and buy books I need for the classes I am taking right now. I am and will be always honored I received this scholarship and the help to pursue my dream.

- Moises Aldape

Moises Aldape
Ashley Applewhite

Thank you once again for choosing me as a Larry H. Parker 2017 Scholarship Recipient. I am currently attending Long Beach City College with plans to transfer to the University of Southern California next Spring. This scholarship has helped tremendously pay for my future living expenses and I could not be more grateful. Since receiving the scholarship, I have been working hard in my college classes this past summer and now during this Fall semester. I have been going to USC football games and meeting people on campus before I begin in Spring. At USC I still plan to do Psychology research, as well as, involve myself in on campus organizations such as the Black Student Assembly and possibly a sorority. This scholarship has impacted my life in many ways and I cannot thank the scholarship committee enough for this opportunity.

- Ashley Applewhite

I will be attending the University of California Los Angeles this fall. I move in on September 21st and classes begin on the 28th. I have used the scholarship to pay for my housing. Thank you to the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker for their generous support and for helping prepare me for the academic years ahead.

- Lina Petrossian

Lina Petrossian

Serena Ly

Thanks to the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship, I am able to continue my studies at Yale College where I am aspiring to major in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. When I am not in school, I am either doing research at the Yale School of Public Health, teaching workshops at local public schools through Community Health Educators, or working with community and student organizations as a leader at Dwight Hall. Thank you!

- Serena Ly

My name is Michelle Le and I am going into my second undergraduate year of studying mechanical engineering at UC Riverside. So far, in my first year of studying engineering at UCR, I have learned so many things both inside and outside of the classroom. I was able to meet many great new people, learn, fascinating things, and experience college. I was also able to get involved in organizations. I am a part of the University Honors Program at UCR. I am also going to be working as an Honors Ambassador this upcoming school year, which will allow me to develop leadership, event management, and interpersonal skills through working with the Honors staff to enhance student development through peer mentorship, workshops, and extracurricular activities for fellow Honors students. I also joined UCR’s chapter of Society of Women Engineers, which I obtained a leadership position and work public relations/marketing for them.

This summer, I have started working in a research lab. I work at UCR’s Bourns College of Engineering, College of Environmental and Research Technology (CE-CERT) for the Emissions and Fuels Research Group, mostly in their Ford Motor Company Vehicle Emissions and Research Lab, but I also assist in their Portable Emissions and Measurement Systems Lab as well. I have been able to work with many great undergraduate, graduate engineering students, scientists, and staff. I have also been able to gain hands-on engineering experience in a laboratory work environment. I have been having an amazing time this summer working in this lab!

Tommy Lasorda’s inspiring speech at the scholarship luncheon will also always stick with me throughout my whole academic career and perhaps for the rest of my life as well. Since I go to a university in the UC quarter system, I will not return to school until towards the end of September, but I will always keep working hard whether it is in the lab this summer or in my studies when classes start again. I will always work my hardest to make your organization, my parents, and most importantly, myself proud. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker’s scholarship has helped me in my studies because it not only offers financial support, but it also gives me moral support by knowing that so many people are sitting in the bleachers cheering me on and wanting me to succeed. Knowing this further motivates me to strive for success, to make that goal, hit that home run, and make that grade! My parents will always be there to be that support system, but I am so touched that The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker were also willing to give to me that same love and support. I will always honor, cherish, and appreciate this incredible act of kindness that you guys have done for me, and I will never forget it! Thank you so much!!!

- Michelle Le

Michelle Le
Daniel Duran

The Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship has allowed me to purchase all my school supplies without having to worry about being short on money. This scholarship also gave me the opportunity to purchase textbooks and study guides ahead of time, to get a head start in my math and science classes. I
am very thankful for the support I have been given, so I may reach my full potential without having to worry about my family's financial issues.

- Daniel Duran

My name is Julia Norman and I had the honor of being selected to receive the 2017 Larry H. Parker scholarship. Since receiving the scholarship I have graduated high school and started studying at the University of California; Berkeley. Only two weeks into my freshman year, I have already been able to join the Cal spirit committee, a sorority, and the global internships club. I am loving college life and I am so excited to be
meeting people from all around the world. This semester I am taking classes for the college of Letters and Science, and I am interested in pursuing a degree in media studies or political science with a minor in global studies. I am also starting to prepare to study abroad, as well as, pursue an internship in Washington DC through the UCDC program. These opportunities would have never been afforded to me without the support of Larry H. Parker. I was so inspired by the advice I heard during the scholarship reception. Tommy Lasorda's words about self determination and
perseverance still encourage me to push myself. Larry H. Parker's generosity has truly impacted my life and I am so grateful for this scholarship for giving me the chance to pursue higher education, and therefore my dreams. Thank you again! This has been such a blessing.

- Julia Norman

Julia Norman
Marina Souliman

I plan on using my scholarship to buy my books! It covers the costs for my
materials and I'm truly grateful for this scholarship. Thank you!

- Marina Souliman

I was able to pay my loans from my summer courses, which has taken a huge lift off my shoulders. Because of this, I now feel that I am able to take full advantage of my college experience and get one step closer to becoming a doctor. And so far I have. I am now working as a Research Assistant in an Ecology lab, I am serving as the President of Delta Terrace (a dorm on campus), I just begun volunteering at the local Hospital, and I am overall more focused on my academics. But this all wouldn't have happened if the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker hadn't believed in me and saw my potential, and for that, I am forever grateful.

- Sylvester Foley

Sylvester Foley

I am honored to have been selected as one of the recipients of the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship. Thanks to this generous support I’ve had the opportunity of continuing my education at UCLA as a first generation Hispanic student majoring in Neuroscience. Growing up with a low socioeconomic status has enabled me to realize the value of a college education and I am very fortunate to have received the empowering support of my community. I hope that my experience may resonate especially with those in the Hispanic community and that it may serve as an example that all obstacles can be overcome. This financial assistance has allowed me to
pay for my housing payments among other college essentials and my gratitude is beyond words. My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous scholarship opportunities offered from organizations like The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. I can’t thank you enough for enabling this opportunity for students like myself!

- Maria Guadalupe Valencia

Additional Recipients of the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship

  • Adina Miretsky
  • Angelica Radomski
  • Avery Haubert
  • Caroline Padilla
  • Christina Hill
  • Ilse Gomez Santellano
  • Isabel Villalpando
  • Jason Ta
  • Rosa Elena Rivera
  • Sandra Gutierrez-Mata
  • Sarai Gomez
  • Steven Erazo Padilla
  • Soumia Bouallou

Andy Hernandez

Thanks to the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker’s generous support, I was able to complete all of the necessary courses required to begin my degree in Engineering. I was also able to pay for all of the required textbooks needed to complete my studies. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to accomplish all I have thus far

- Andy Hernandez, Cal State Los Angeles

Thanks to the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship, my first year at UCLA has been the most exciting and productive time of my life thus far. I would like to thank the entire team at this remarkable law firm for genuinely and selflessly supporting their community, and for providing students like me with the ability to pursue opportunities that may have seemed entirely impossible before!

- Crystal Eshraghi, UCLA

Crystal Eshraghi

The Community Scholarship from The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker has helped me in a variety of ways. Without this scholarship, I probably would not have been able to attend Pepperdine University. I think the struggle to pay for college really pushed me to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I am beyond thankful for this particular scholarship.

- Olivia Belda, Pepperdine University

Thank you so much for presenting me with this award. I am very grateful and do not even know where to begin. I was on a path where I had lost faith because my family did not believe in me and my dreams of attending college. This scholarship gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor. Again, thank you. You have given me hope and boosted my desire to continue my education.

- Keziah Ampadu- Siaw, Arizona State University

2015 Winners

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  • Maria Ballon - Belmont High School
  • Kely Cortes - Wilson High School
  • Romeo Creque - Community Build
  • Jose Gonzalez - Garfield High School
  • Jasmin Han - Los Angeles High School
  • Salma Hernandez - Franklin High School
  • Salvador Lara - Banning High School
  • Luis Lona - San Pedro High School
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  • Maria Sanchez - Manual Arts High School
  • Ketly Sylla - Crenshaw High School
  • Ashley Trejo - Jordan High School
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  • Eduardo Cruz - San Pedro High School
  • Gerardo Gonzalez - Banning High School
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