Preventing Childhood Death Involves Preventing Heath Stroke

No one wants to lose their child but when parents think of ways to protect their children, they may think of ways to reduce crime or keep them safe in the event of a car accident. The truth is that many parents don’t know how to keep their children truly safe because they don’t know some of the most common ways that children can lose their lives. For example, did you know that heatstroke is one of the leading cause of death among children?

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Steps are being taken to education parents about the seriousness of heat stroke

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken steps to try and educate people about the seriousness of heath stroke. They note that in just ten minutes, the temperature in a car can rise more than 20 degrees. On days that are already hot, this can become deadly very quickly. They also provide some tips that they hope will help parents keep their children safe:

  • Always look before you lock: Don’t accidentally leave your child in the car.
  • Always be aware of how sensitive a child is to heat. Do not assume that if you can handle the heat, your child can too.
  • Know that the potential consequences are much more serious than just an injury to your child. They can include your child’s death, for which you can be arrested.

These are serious issues and at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker we hope parents and all caregivers are taking them seriously.

You may be surprised by what most often causes children’s heatstroke in cars

The founder of an activist group set up to prevent children from dying in cars says that many parents are shocked by what actually causes children to do. In about one in three of heat stroke deaths in cars, it is not a case of a child being forgotten in a car but of being trapped. For example, they may have climbed into a car to play and been locked in without the owner of the car realizing it.

Of course, that means that two out of three times that a child dies of heatstroke in a car it is because the child was left in the car by the parent or caregiver. Some people cannot understand how this could happen but what most often occurs is that there is some type of break from the normal routine. The parent has a million things on their mind, or perhaps they typically drop their child off at daycare but don’t on this day for some reason. They then just forget to grab them from the backseat.

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