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California Workers’ Compensation

California Workers’ Compensation

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California Workers’ Compensation

We provide the aggressive representation you need for a successful California workers’ compensation claim.

Have you been hurt on the job? While your employer may pay lip service to your right to compensation, in many cases employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies make it extremely difficult to get the benefits you need and deserve. You may be feeling very lost and alone at this point. You may even be tempted to give up on your claim.

Don’t give up!

The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Will Fight for You

Our skilled California workers’ compensation attorneys will help you navigate the maze of red tape associated with workers’ comp claims and stand up for your rights in the face of stiff opposition from the insurance company. We know what information needs to be included for a strong claim and how to get this information. We will fight for you to be approved for medical treatment promptly, make sure you have an evaluation with a neutral physician (not just the insurance company’s physician), and file all necessary paperwork for you.

Let Us Maximize Your Benefits

Left to their own devices, insurance companies will take every opportunity to reduce or deny your benefits. Having an experienced California workers’ compensation attorney on your side is the best way to make sure they take your case seriously. We will not let them get away with offering minimum payments that may not be equal to your needs. Instead, we will fight for maximum benefits including:

  • Medical treatment
  • Temporary disability payments
  • Permanent disability payments
  • Lump sum payment options

We Take All Kinds of Cases

California workers’ compensation benefits are available in three main types of situations:

  • Accidents on the job—such as a delivery person getting into a car accident
  • Repetitive motion injuries—such as an office worker developing carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Occupational diseases—such as a factory worker getting cancer due to benzene exposure

Fortunately, our attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and experience required to link your injury or illness to your work responsibilities or working conditions and position you for a successful workers’ comp claim.

Why Trust Us with Your Claim

At the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we have ample experience in California worker’s compensation cases. Our attorneys partner with an even more highly experienced firm—Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin, and Harrison—to make sure every client receives the very best quality representation, no matter how complicated their case. PLBSH has recovered over $100 million in workers’ compensation benefits and awards in the past 15 years alone, so you know our team has what it takes to get the benefits you deserve.

Get No-Risk Representation Now

Being permanently or temporarily disabled and out of work can be a nightmare for your finances. We understand what you’re going through. In order to avoid adding to your worries, we offer no-risk representation for California workers’ compensation claims. We will take your case at no upfront cost, and we will not ask for payment until we win your case.

To schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about the benefits you may be entitled to, please call 800-333-0000 now.

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