As of 2018, the city of Montclair CA has a new law cracking down on distracted walking

New City Law Aims to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

We’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving. When drivers take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, and/or their attention off of driving, accidents can and do result.

But have you ever stopped to consider that the same kinds of distractions that make drivers have accidents can also affect pedestrians? The city of Montclair CA has, and their solution was to pass a new city ordinance to crack down on distracted walking.

As of January 3, 2018, it is unlawful for a pedestrian to cross the street in the city of Montclair CA if:

  • They are viewing a mobile device,
  • They are making a phone call, or
  • They have both ears covered by personal audio equipment

The ordinance actually defines pedestrians as people on foot, on skateboards, on roller skates, in a wheelchair, in an electric mobility scooter, or using any other propelled means of transport that is not a bicycle.

A mobile device is defined as any portable electronic device such as a cell phone, tablet, camera, media player, or other device used for communication or amusement.

The penalties for violations of the ordinance increase in severity with each successive violation. So, the first time someone walks across the street while texting in Montclair CA, they will be fined $100. The send time it happens within 12 months they will be fined up to $200, and if it happens again within 12 months they will be fined up to $500 each time.

Whether or not this ordinance can actually reduce pedestrian accidents and injuries remains to be seen. However, it does seem promising given that an estimated 30 percent of pedestrians engage in distracting activities like texting, talking on the phone, and listening to music while crossing the street.

Have You Been Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation. This could be true even if the accident happened in Montclair CA, and even if you were using your cell phone while crossing the street. If the driver who hit you was negligent in any way, they will bear at least partial liability for your accident.

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