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Compressed Natural Gas Presents Workplace Dangers

In response to the rising prices of gasoline and a number of environmental concerns, a growing number of companies are switching to compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel for their transportation vehicles. Although this trend may seem appealing from an ecological and economic standpoint, compressed natural gas vehicles can create increased risks for injury…
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When Does Harassment Become Workplace Discrimination?

When your boss treats you badly or unfairly, you may wonder if the treatment qualifies as discrimination and what your rights are. Not all unfair treatment is discrimination, but getting a legal opinion can dispel any confusion you may have. If you believe you are experiencing discrimination at work, attorneys in Los Angeles can review…
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Animal Owners Responsible for Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Dog bites are more common and far more severe than most people realize. In the United States, a person is treated for dog bites every 40 seconds. Although this is a shocking statistic, it still doesn’t take into account that only about one quarter of dog bites are actually reported. An adjusted estimate would amount…
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